TRI-ON MultiSits advertising . sitting . fencing

Simply ingenious - ingeniously simple!

advertising . sitting . defining

An advertising surface in its original position; a comfortable seat when folded out horizontally; an attractive spatial definition when organized in a row.

The advertising surfaces have a size of 0.17 m2 per seat and side. The advertising image is protected against wind, weather and wearing off from sit­ting by resilient Axpet sheets. The advertising image can be changed quickly and easily.

The seat can be folded down on both sides or just one side according to wish. After being used, the seating / advertising surface automatically rises back up with gentle swinging motions and locks into place.

If used as a space definer, the space-saving MultiSits TRI-ON requires the same width as a row of bollards.

It can be doweled or cemented in place.

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