Features - Multisits TriON

Technical drawing and modifications

Good location = sufficient advertising income
Letting the advertising surface of Multisits at lease guarantees quick return on investments


  • advertising area on each seat, 0.17 m2 on each side
  • quick and easy change of the advertising image; the lower end piece of the advertising surface frame is removed by loosening the safety screws or pulling off the magnets, then the advertising surface is pulled out and replaced.
  • resilient, break-proof, scratch-resistant, transparent Axpet sheets (P1 fire protection, UV resistant) pro tect the advertising image
  • the advertising images can either be glued onto the back of the Axpet sheet, printed directly onto the Axpet sheet, or inserted as a paper between two thinner Axpet sheets, laminated or sealed with adhesive tape.


  • easy to handle
  • comfortable sitting experience
  • automatic, gentle folding back into the original vertical position after use
  • seating area is clean and dries quickly


  • saves as much space as a row of bollards
  • directing: indicates paths and barriers


The materials used for the maintenance-free MultiSits TRI-ON offer corrosion protection and durability. The pipe frame and profile frame of the advertising and sitting area are made of high-quality stainless steel V2A, blasted with glass beads and electric polarized. The rotary joints are made of die-cast aluminum AISiMg7. On the outside, the advertising and sitting area consists of a transparent Axpet sheet, which is break- and scratch-resistant with P1 fire protection and UV resistance. The interior of the advertising and sitting area is formed by a robust core of Porocell glued onto 0.5 mm aluminum sheets.

A weight of only 1 kg is required to keep the seat in a horizontal position.

As an alternative to stainless steel, the MultiSits TRI-ON is made of hot-galvanized steel, powder-coated in the RAL color of your choice.

Benefits of using Multisits TriON

  • offers new advertising possibilities
  • creates surfaces for information, such as event tips or self-advertising
  • quick amortization due to advertising income
  • new seating areas enliven places, zones and public areas; new meeting spaces and areas for brief rest periods are created
  • promotes tourist development
  • the barrier function makes it possible to direct streams of pedestrians / visitors
  • water and dirt easily drip off; the advertising and sitting area dries quickly and cleanly
  • no trash or waste can be left on the seat
  • possible to fold down the advertising/seating area on one or both sides
  • diverse possibilities for single and combined uses, from an individual seat to infinitely long row arrangements
  • offers an innovative, contemporary image and design
  • TÜV and GS certified
  • registered for a European patent

1 seat, folded one or both ways2 seats, folded one or both ways3 seat, folded one or both ways4 seats, folded one or both ways5 seats, folded one or both ways
Length (mm) 570 mm 1090 mm 1610 mm 2130 mm 2650 mm
Material Stainless steel
Coating Glass beads
Weight (kg) 25 kg 48 kg 70 kg 93 kg 115 kg
Fixing Doweled or cemented in place